Support Services

Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU)

Appointment Schedule:
By appointment anytime 8:00am - 4:00pm

Walk-in Schedule:
8:00am - 4:00pm

Client Contact Number:
1.888.208.4485 (New York State Customer Service Helpline)


  • Responsible for investigating matters of non-support and/or paternity for establishment and enforcement of support obligations. Also secures court orders for Third Party Health Insurance Coverage.
  • Locates non-custodial parents (NCP)
  • Identify financial resources of NCP
  • Preparing and filing appropriate non-support paternity petition to court of appropriate jurisdiction
  • Follow-through with court process until appropriate order obtained
  • Provide ongoing undercare updating/investigating to assure orders remain current

Medical Services

Client Contact Number:

Medical Transportation:
Assists clients in arranging and obtaining transportation to Medicaid covered services.  Fax: 607.778.3505

PCAP Eligibility Determination:
Determines eligibility and provides undercare for pregnant women applying for Medicaid in the PCAP program.

Disability Review Coordinator for Disability Determination:
Assists clients in obtaining a disability determination from NYS for Aid to Disabled category for Medicaid and Social Security Administration.

Dental Case Management:
Assists clients in obtaining dental services.

Long Term Care Program:
Develop and monitor the following community based programs: Personal Care, Private Duty Nursing, Assisted Living, Care-at Home, Adult Foster Care, and consumer Directed Program.

Support Collection Unit

Appointment Schedule:
Appointments Preferred

Walk-in Schedule:
8:00am - 4:00pm

Client Contact Number:
1.888.208.4485 (New York State Customer Service Helpline)

Unit Description:
Collecting, monitoring, and disbursing of court ordered child support. Additional responsibilities include enforcement and undercare of child support accounts and referral of delinquent accounts to Family Court through the filing of a violation petition.

Other Support Services

Data Entry:
Unit is responsible for all WMS Data Entry for all services and non-services cases. Unit is responsible for hardware, updates, upgrades, and changes for agency computer systems.

Master Control:
Prepares Public Assistance case folders for incoming clients, assigns numbers and locates files for all assistance departments. This unit prepares statistical reports, orders and distributes office supplies and state forms. This unit is responsible for the agency telephone switchboard and is the records custodian for all closed Temporary Assistance, Medicaid, and Food Stamp cases. This unit is responsible for checking obituaries and issues notices to various departments.

Child Abuse/Neglect 24 Hour State Hotline:  Toll free dial '1' & then...    800-342-3720