Department of Social Services

Vision Statement

To be an organization which promotes self-sufficiency and assures the protection of vulnerable individuals. We strive to have an organization which values the needs of our customers, the contributions of our staff, and the participation of our community. This vision shall be achieved through a culture which encourages continuous improvement.

Organizational Values

Applying the highest standards of ethics and practice in the performance on one's duties.

Doing What is Right
Within organizational parameters, and based on facts, to make the decisions and to act in accordance with the values and the vision of the department.

Taking Responsibility
The acceptance and ownership of the consequences of one's decisions and actions.

Results Oriented
To identify desired outcomes and work toward achieving those outcomes in an efficient manner.

Team Oriented
Working with others to promote an enviroment of "collective" ownership of organizational outcomes.

Being positively energized and motivated while working toward one's full potential.

To explore and develop new ideas and products that improve individual and organizational performance.

Acceptance of Risk
Understanding that progress and change involves some degree of uncertainty.

To continuously achieve excellence of both process and product.

Continuous Growth
Taking responsibility to seek and utilize opportunities that support individual and organizational development

DSS HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Child Abuse/Neglect 24 Hour State Hotline:  Toll free dial '1' & then...    800-342-3720