Central Foods

Central Foods

Mission Statement:

Broome County Central Foods and Nutrition Services provides food management and production services within applicable codes and regulations to County operated facilities and programs.

Description of Services

Broome County Central Foods Administrative Offices and Central Production Facility are located at 2001 East Main Street in Endicott, New York. The facility opened in June 1988 and a renovation and expansion project was completed in 1995. State-of-the-art cook chill and conventional food production methods are utilized. In 2009, it is estimated that 1,277,954 meals will be served by Central Foods.

Our services are available through the following programs which we serve.

Programs Served

A complete meal service is produced and delivered to the Office for the Aging's 19 Congregate Meal Sites and 38 Meals on Wheels routes serving most areas of the county.

The congregate feeding takes place in the Office for the Aging's Senior Centers. Monday through Friday a well balanced meal is served to those who have made advance registrations. At some of the centers a salad/sandwich bar with soup is available Wednesday through Friday. Evening meals and special events are planned with the Office for the Aging to take place at various centers throughout the year.

The Meals on Wheels meals consist of a hot meal to be eaten for the noon meal and a cold meal to be kept for the evening meal. The meals are delivered to locations where they are picked up by volunteers and delivered to the homes of the recipients. "Blizzard Bags" are distributed to the clients in case a delivery cannot be made due to weather conditions.

Management services and food production are provided for Willow Point Nursing Facility. Daily menus are developed in accordance with the facility's needs. Residents of families are invited to choose meals from selected menus, if they desire to do so.

Central Foods produces many of the hot menu items at the Production Facility in Endicott, chills them and delivers them to the nursing home in a refrigerated truck. The food service staff at Willow Point Nursing Facility serve the meals which are heated in food carts designed to heat designated sections of each tray.

The residents at Willow Point Nursing Facility are served supplementary foods to provide adequate nourishment and hydration according to their individual dietary needs. Registered Dietitians assess each resident to identify these needs and develop a meal and supplementary feeding plan for each resident, in accordance with the requirements of the New York State Department of Health.

Special events are provided for the residents throughout the year. Buffet meals are served in designated dining rooms at regularly scheduled intervals. Holidays are observed by serving traditional foods in group settings or in each dining room.

Management and food production services are provided to the Public Safety Facility. The inmates are served meals which meet the nutritional requirements of the population being served.

New state of the art re-therm equipment was installed in 2007 to make meal service more cost effective.

In 2008 we started working with the Binhamton Housing Authority to provide meals for an after school program.  Central Foods provides meals to approx 70 kids after school in an effort to keep the kids off the street and away from the gangs in their neighborhoods.