Public Input


The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study is committed to the principle that successful outcomes happen when we plan WITH the community, not when we plan FOR the community. Investment of public funds in the transportation system affects your quality of life. The quality of transportation services and facilities affects your mobility, the safety of your travel, the cost of goods you buy, the social and economic health of the region. Transportation decisions often have a lasting influence on the shape of the community. The decision to construct NY Route 17 through the north side of Binghamton and Johnson City (a decision that long pre-dates BMTS, by the way) continues to have impacts, both positive and negative, forty years later. We simply cannot undo a new road or bridge. It is therefore incumbent on us to make sure those decisions are well thought out.

We want to hear from everyone!

  • People who ride B.C. Transit
  • People who drive
  • People who ride a bicycle to school
  • People who walk to the store
  • People who carpool
  • People who use B.C. Lift
  • People who live in Binghamton and work in Owego
  • People who own businesses
  • People who drive trucks
  • People who ride Tioga County Public Transit

We want to hear from:

  • Senior citizens who have difficulty crossing the street before the light turns red
  • Individuals who use wheelchairs who can't travel where there are no ramps at the corner
  • People without cars who can't travel when B.C. Transit doesn't run
  • High school students who just got their driver's license
  • Elementary school students who want to tell us what kind of future THEY want

We EVEN want to hear from:

  • People who hate the proposed Court Street roundabout
  • People who love the proposed Court Street roundabout
  • People who think congestion on Vestal Parkway means our community is thriving
  • People who won't go near the Vestal Parkway when it's busy

GOT THE IDEA? We can't do good plans without you. So write to us, send an e-mail, give us a call. We want your thoughts on general transportation and community development issues. We also want to hear from you on specific topics that change from time to time. Check the calendar and attend a BMTS Policy Committee or Planning Committee meeting. Join the BMTS Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee. Go to a New York State DOT public hearing for a specific project. Listen, and voice your opinion.

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